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Lash Lifts Melbourne

Who doesn’t love beautiful and fuller eyelashes that offer long-lasting results?

Women are always searching for new ways to experiment with their appearance but most of the time, the process is so time-consuming. But with a lash lift, you can give your eyes a complete makeover and achieve great results with minimal maintenance.

At Eyecandy Lashes , we are one of the only salons that offer lash lifts in Melbourne. A Lash lift is a semi-permanent treatment for your natural lashes that lasts anywhere between 6-8 weeks. This incredibly low maintenance treatment will enhance your natural eyelashes to make them appear curled and lifted.

We recommend for you to consult with our lash experts and book an appointment for eyelash lifting services today.

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How Does It Work?

In the lash lift process, the lashes are first lifted onto silicon rods to create the lift and then two different solutions are internally applied. The process is quick and painless and will leave you with curled, defined lashes. It will eliminate the need of curling your lashes or wearing any mascara. How good is that! The best lash lifts in Melbourne are suitable for both long and short lashes, and will offer amazing results regardless of their natural thickness and length.

We use the latest and internationally sourced products from the USA for our lash lift. We also offer a complimentary lash tint that will darken your lashes for up to 2 weeks.

We take the time to sit with our clients to listen and understand their unique styling needs and provide a customised beauty solution to them. We offer the best service for eyelash lift in Melbourne , and we assure our customers get natural-looking and damage-free results.

What Makes Eyecandy Lashes Your Number Choice For Eyelash Lift In Melbourne?

Want to accentuate your eyes? Classic eyelash extensions are your best option.

  • We only employ effective and safest eyelash application techniques
  • Our experts offer tailored eyelash extension services in a friendly environment
  • Fair and transparent pricing and post-application services
  • Team of industry experts equipped with tools and resources

Eyecandy Lashes has worked with thousands of customers over the years. Our services are designed to give you peace of mind and result in the beauty enhancement you desire.

Need to book an appointment? Please call us on 0413 424 445 or share your requirements via mail at .

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Does a Lash Lift last?

The answer is – Yes. A lash lift lasts for six to eight weeks. It can last for up to 12 weeks if you take proper care of the lashes. Our experts recommend getting a lash lift every 6 weeks if you wish to keep up a consistent look.

You may have long and straight lashes that grow downward. With the help of Eyecandy Lashes, we are specialists in Hybrid Lashes Extensions and eyelash lifts in Melbourne. You can improve the quality and shape of your natural lashes and make your eyes appear bold and bigger with our latest eyelash lift technique in Melbourne. The treatment goes for 45-60 minutes based on the thickness and type of your eyelashes. The silicone moulds and curling rods are selectively chosen based on your natural lashes to achieve the best outcome possible. An adhesive and lifting lotion are applied so that your lashes can retain their shape well.

Choose this low maintenance eyelash lift option and you’ll be amazed by the results.

To know more about this quick treatment with maximum effect, call us today .

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